A Little Angel with a BIG Heart!

Sienna surprised her mom by not only arriving early, but by being a twin. She weighed less than 1 1/2 lbs. The doctors didn’t expect her to live. They said if she did survive, she would most likely not be able to function normally. Her mom had a positive attitude and a very strong faith. She knew that Sienna was stubborn and that God had His hand and her.

After 108 days in the hospital, Sienna was able to go home. She was diagnosed with a form of Dandy Walker, a rare brain disorder. They were unsure of how this would affect her abilities to function. She was also diagnosed with Chronic Lung Disease (for which she required the use of an Oxygen tank for over a year) and was fed through a feeding tube that had been inserted into her stomach. She had Pneumonia several times and had surgery to repair a hole in her heart.

As she continued to get older, she didn’t grow or develop at the same rate as her twin sister, Sierra. After many tests and many doctors, it was diagnosed that she had an unknown form of Primordial Dwarfism, a type of Dwarfism that less than 200 people in the world have. What’s most amazing is that Sienna is the only known confirmed Primordial Dwarf in the entire world with a twin.

The Dwarfism affects not only her size, but other things such as the bones in her ears. So, she wears hearing aids. In addition, she wears glasses to help her vision.

Even though Sienna weighs 27 pounds at 11 years old and has many things that might sound scary, she has a wonderful attitude and an ability to enrich everyone’s life who comes into contact with her. She knows that what makes her different is what makes her perfect. She is meant for BIG things!

Thanks to Chrissy Bernal for sharing this Loving Story with us!!!!!! For more information about her special daughter, Sienna visit: http://www.sinnysized.com

4 Responses to A Little Angel with a BIG Heart!

  1. sylvie duggan says:

    god has a purpose for everyone on this earth. Congrats on your daughters progress, she will do get things in her life. She is god’s special messenger.

  2. Kathryn says:

    Thank you for sharingn your miracle girl with us! What a blessing to be the parent of a wonderful, special angel!!

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